Ravalli County political snippets

12 Oct

Here’s a few little tidbits of politicat information from Ravalli County.

– Commissioner Greg Chilcott was elected as the Montana Association of Counties’ first vice president at MACo’s annual convention. Chilcott had previously served as the organization’s second VP.

– Commissioner Matt Kanenwisher has been writing notes on his “Matt Kanenwisher for Ravalli County Commissioner” Facebook page to give occasional updates from the commissioners’ office. He said it is a way to give citizens a heads up and that everything he writes represents only his views and take on things. He writes:

“You may be shocked to know that very little accurate information is reported via mainstream media outlets. In fact, very often, people will call saying “what in the heck is going on with…?” and after a short explanation they will say “Oh, well why didn’t the paper say that? In order to do a better job getting complete information out there I need to reopen this site.”

– Planning administrator Terry Nelson is serving as the Montana GOP’s as vice chair of District One. He was elected to that post at the Republicans’ annual convention in June. He is also chair of the Ravalli County Republican Central Committee.
The Ravalli County Republican Central Committee recently elected new precinct representatives. They include Peanut Fleenor and Lee Foss (husband of Commissioner Suzy Foss) of Charlo Heights for Precinct 5; Howard Lyons of Hamilton west side for Precinct 6; Hollis Poe of Corvallis for Precinct 10; Rick and Valerie Stamey of Victor (Valerie, you may remember, interviewed to be county treasurer) for Precinct 14; Wes Edigar of Stevensville for Precinct 18; Don Montgomery for Precinct 15.Here’s the press release they sent out

– And on a side note, I wasn’t very happy to see that the Montana Association of Counties ripped off quotes from a story of mine without giving proper credit. On page 21 of their monthly newsletter, MACo gives little updates of news from different counties around the state. They updated readers on my story about the Ravalli County Aviation Safety Foundation promising $35,000 to help the county pay for an updated environmental assessment on the airport. The newsletter lifted quotes directly from my story without so much as saying where they got them. All they would have needed to add is a, “…he told the Ravalli Republic.” Just sayin….

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